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within the world of Huxley, objects called Lunarites have crashed into the moon which in turn caused the moon's shattered mass to collide with the earth, along with the Lunarites. the resulting biochemical reactions left the evolution of the human species in disarray. three separate races, each race with its own two variants, have emerged and now fight for survival. the competing races are Sapiens, Alternatives, and Hybrids. the Sapiens retain the most visual similarity to the original humans while the Alternatives tend to be larger and more brutish in appearance. the Hybrids are a genetic mix of the first two.

the below text was taken directly from the Huxley documentation video:

the moon fell apart after being struck by a group of the Nuclearites. its crashed parts fell onto the earth causing a deep impact. not only did the Nuclearites' effects take out more than the 80 percent of the global population by crashing on the moon, but also gave birth to a new breed of human species due to its biochemical reaction to both the moon and the earth, the original species was called "Sapiens" whereas the other "Alternative". for some time, the two were at ease but problems had grown to the extreme level as time passed. on the 29th day of december, 20xx the great species war broke out. it still continues.

all the races and variants as they are currently known are detailed below, along with the english text that accompanies the images in the Huxley documentation video.

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