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Huxley Races - Alternative Alteraver

The impression from their big body, tough face, strong and brave mind of 'Alteraver' gave them the image of an warrior. They are simple, devoted to their society, warm-hearted and kind. But 'Alteraver' never forgive enemies who threat existence of themselves and their precious things. They trust others easily because they are naive and have little intelligence, so they often tend to be imbued with bad ideology. 'Alteraver' use high-powered weapons empowered by their physical strength and power. A troop of 'Alteraver' has enough power to make their enemy demoralized.

Alternative Alteraver

They used to fight on the frontline of battle at independence war. While they under the oppression of 'One', they learned by force to operate heavy equipment. Those skills helped 'Alteraver' to build their country after the independence.

the goods: the alteravers are the big dudes. large in size with a face that tells you to piss off. they're the quintessential tribal warrior. simple, loyal, even warm-hearted, but not so intelligent, and way too trusting. their weaponry tends to be high-powered in nature, and pretty much everywhere they go, they kick ass. i translate "has enough power to make their enemy demoralized" as "if you see them coming, you might need a clean pair of shorts" or whatever they wear in this dystopian world.

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