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Huxley Weapons

Nine different weapon classes, which will include machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, as well as more esoteric weapon classes like the ballistic "flinger" and the energy-based optical rifle.

Needless to say, weapons will play a key role in Huxley. As such, they had better look cool, since you're going to be looking down their barrels more often than not. What follows is a sampling of the sorts of hardware you can expect to wield, along with some of the concept images that contributed to their realization.

The character progression system in Huxley is such that, as you gain in levels, you'll become certified to carry higher-caliber hardware. These ranks are denoted by a alphabetical system, ranging for E (the lowest, for characters level 1 through 10) to A (the highest, for similarly high-end characters). In the illustrations that accompany these descriptions, you'll see these classifications. Memorize them, soldier, for you will be tested. Dismissed.

Discodia Assault Rifle Diverian

Huxley Weapons Huxley Weapons

This weapon is a product of the universal weapons company Discodia, which supplies sapiens and alternatives with firepower. The Diverian rifle is the basic assault rifle for infantry warfare and is issued to new recruits who complete battle training. The fast firing rifle sprays 600 rounds per second. The Diverian's striking power is enhanced by charging its round's gunpowder with a Lunarite core, but troops will find that the weapon has limited affect on enemies with extremely enhanced armor.

Discodia assault rifle Diverian MK2

Huxley Weapons Huxley Weapons

Produced by Discodia as the Diverian's enhanced brother, the MK2 is an upgraded version of the basic assault rifle. The MK2 is the weapon of choice for tactical/special warfare fighters supporting their teammates in battle with this assistance firearm. Slightly smaller than the Discodia assault rifle, the MK2 offers improved functionality - such as rapid-fire stabilization - and an infrared 2x scope allowing for excellent marksmanship even in darkness.

Mirage Viper

Huxley Weapons Huxley Weapons

Produced by the Mirage Company, which focuses on the development and manufacturing of haute weapons, the Viper is an accurate and deadly sniper rifle. With a sleek and clean design, the Viper is a weapon of choice among many Sapiens. The Viper features a mighty 8x zoom scope and reaction absorption to minimize muzzle movement. Precise and fatal at long distances, the Viper sniper rifle is limited by its ability to fire only one round at a time.

Collein Bleach

Huxley Weapons Huxley Weapons

With the advent of Lunarite energy and the creation of enhanced shield technology and robust body armor, weapons companies needed to find a way to enhance infantry firepower. Weapon manufacturer Collein's answer is the mighty Bleach - a personal rocket launcher that offers awesome, powerful firepower to soldiers. The Bleach is a quick firing "Fire and Forget" weapon that can spit out two destructive non-guided mini-rockets per second. Although rocket launcher's accuracy is lower than other firearms, its sheer power is extremely destructive.

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