Huxley Dystopia Game Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter MMOFPS

Huxley Races - Sapiens One

They are individualistic and liberal characters as a human being by overcoming difficult and dangerous environment. They attained the prudent and skillful mind, and a strong pride about themselves. They are skillful with every kind of equipment and have the ability to maximize 100% equipment potential.

Their existence and excessive pride as the superior class of the Earth had caused the war. They had ignored and insulted all the other species as an early power of the society construction. The suppression policy of 'One' over other species alienated 'Syn'. The other sapiens species after the war with Alternative, 'One' allied with 'Syn' again to rule over the world as a superior species.


key facts: the Ones started it all. they started the war with all the other races cuz they're arrogant bastards who wanted to control everything. super prideful. however, since the war, the Ones and the Syns have allied in their common cause of now ruling together. also, this seems to indicate that the different races will serve different purposes or even different playing styles for players, and that the Ones can distinctively max out on "equipment potential", either in the full capacity of the weapon, or possibly in what they can upgrade to. the implication of course is that at least some other race does have this same potential.

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