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Huxley Vehicles

The vehicles in Huxley will serve not only as strong offensive weapons, but they will also be crucial in transporting squads in battle. There will be several Huxley land, sea, and air vehicles based on the class that the player chooses.

In the area of Huxley land vehicles, it is known that there will be at least smaller light scout trucks and medium sized APC’s which are armored personnel carriers and heavy tanks. In the area of aviation, there is known to be at least Huxley dropships, and small scout assault ships.

So far, there have been no Huxley sea vehicles seen.

It has been released that vehicles will be divided into two different categories: civilian and battleground.

Civilian Huxley vehicles are only usable in cities and will mainly function as status symbols for the more wealthy players. Battle ground vehicles will only appear on the battle field and will have a specific license requirement for the driver. The license system for Huxley vehicles will be very similar to the one used for weapons

Land-based Vehicles

APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier

concept of an APC:

Huxley APC Vehicle

Motor Cycles

concept of the 3-Wheeler:

Huxley Motor Cycle Vehicle


concept of the tanks in Huxley:

Huxley Tank Vehicle

Flying Vehicles

Below are concepts for each:

Dropship Concept

Huxley Dropship Vehicle

1-Man Skiff Vehicle

Huxley Skiff Vehicle

Huxley Screenshot

Random screenshot