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Read About Huxley The Game

Joystiq interview: Huxley project manager Andy Hong

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Joystick has recently published an article with the project manager Andy Hong regarding developments on Huxley. The interview goes over several points such as why Huxley was so quiet for so many years, the Xbox 360 version of Huxley, and the expected release date of the game this year

We are really glad to have more juicy updates for you all

Read the interview with Andy Hong now.

Huxley Beta Signups Are Here

The Huxley beta signups are officially available to all, keep updated on the Huxley beta page for all the latest information regarding beta

Huxley Preview Compliments Of Games Radar

Huxley Preview From Games Radar

Over at Games Radar they have published a nice up to date preview on Huxley showing off some nice new screenshots and giving away more information, this is a must read for all you Huxley fans.

Read the Huxley preview

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Soundtrack Of Huxley

Soundtrack Of Huxley

This is a nice update for you, Webzen have now secured a top notch quality soundtrack to Huxley, all compliments of 'Kevin Riepl' an amazing composer, please read on anyway folks, this is straight from Webzen.

Huxley Soundtrack

The Making Of Huxley

Making Of Huxley Video

Webzen have now released a new video on the making of Huxley, they speak in Korean but this video still gives you a good look at the game.

Making Of Huxley

Huxley Closed Beta Date Confirmed


Webzen have just announced that the closed beta testing for Huxley will begin on September 13th, since June Huxley has been undergoing various performance and stability tests to gauge how stable the game is and to prepare for the launch of beta.

Huxley Closed Beta

Nvidia, The Way It's Meant To Be Played


Webzen have officially partnered with Nvidia to on developing Huxley which means it is going to be branded with the "Nvidia, The Way It's Meant To Be Played" slogan, this is great news for all, below is the article from Nvidia's developer blog.

"Last week I promised more news from Asia after my tour. I am pleased to announce that we signed a strategic partnership with Webzen, one of the most important developers/publishers in Korea and Asia. The photo attached shows me shaking hands with Namju Kim the CEO and President. As part of our agreement Huxley will be fully incorporated into 'The Way Its Meant To Be Played' as will other unannounced titles. I enjoyed meeting Namju Kim very much. His vision for using great graphics to enhance gameplay exactly matches ours and we are excited to be supporting them with Huxley and other titles.

Huxley itself is going to be interesting too. The first of what we believe will be a number of genre blending titles coming out from here on Huxley is being described as an MMOFPS. For more information on the game check out this site here;

Korea and the Korean games industry is very important to us and our local executive Robert Lee, is to be congratulated for his hard work on this agreement. Thank you Robert and Sunny Lee."

Compliments Of Nvidia

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New Huxley Screenshots

Huxley Huxley

We have some great new screenshots of Huxley for everyone to check out, All the screenshots are compliments of Gamespot, Enjoy!

Check Out The Latest Huxley Screenshots

Huxley Live At E3

There is a new site setup dedicated for all the latest information on Huxley straight from E3, Why not check it out now, it will answer some great questions you may have and shed a lot more light on the game.

Go To The Official Huxley E3 Website

Huxley Interview

GameSpot has released an interview with the developers of Huxley today, confirming previous statements and reminding everyone that the game is still underway. In addition to answering the basic questions, Kijong Kang reveals something I think everyone is excited to hear; "We will be discussing launch dates in the future. Right now you can expect to play the Huxley PC game in the Webzen booth during E3 2006." This article also comes with a few new images which will be promptly posted in the screenshots section of our site in the next few hours.

Read The Huxley News

Huxley Beta Testing

Just a small update to say that the way things are looking, Beta testing may be done only in Asia and a small portion of America.

More info on this coming shortly

Huxley Preview Compliments Of Gamespy

Gamespy Arcade

Gamespy have now released their first preview of Huxley accompanied by some very good new videos displaying more of what we wanna see . . . . HUXLEY

See Huxley Preview Now or Check Out The Latest Huxley video, but be warned, it will leave you drooling for more.

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Huxley Screenshot

Random screenshot