Huxley Dystopia Game Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter MMOFPS

Huxley Races - Sapiens Syn

Syn' has snow white skin, long and slim body shape, and beautiful face. Their smart and agile movement and sheer abilities have great power enough to reverse the war situation at a moment.

In the early stage of society reconstruction, they could avoid much oppression thanks to their good looking. But they were a confusion as strange species on Earth and got discrimination from 'One' after the war. 'Syn' volunteered to make alliance with 'One' only for their own survival.


During war, 'One' observed that 'Syn' killing the Alternatives cruelly and got strongly impressed after that 'One' could not discriminate 'Syn' thoughtlessly. 'Syn' is guaranteed an equal position to 'One' after Alternative independence. But 'Syn' still keep their callous character, trusting no one.

breakdown: the Syns are the pretty ones. very agile and slim in nature, but they wield some crazy cool powers which have the capacity to turn the tide of a given battle or situation. during the war, they were less ostracized by the Ones cuz they were prettier and because their skill in battle with the Alternatives was quite impressive to the Ones. since the war, the Syns have allied with the Ones in order to maintain their own survival, but the Syns don't trust them at all. they don't trust anyone.

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