Huxley Dystopia Game Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter MMOFPS

Huxley FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What Does MMOFPS Mean?

MMOFPS is short for Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter.

What Factions Will There Be In Huxley?

There are two major factions in Huxley, the Alternativesand Sapiens. A third NPC only faction, called the Hybrid, adds an extra element to faction vs faction warfare.

What Makes The Factions Different From Each Other?

According to the game story that we've been told, the are a few major differences between the factions of Huxley. The Sapiens are unmutated humans, the last survivors of the human race. The other playable faction, the Alternatives, are humans who have been exposed to some sort of radiation. This exposure has caused the Alternatives to become separated from the Sapiens, causing the current war.

What Are The Factional City's?

Home cities are non-combat zones where players will be able to take a break from the battlefield and relax. You'll find all sorts of things in the home city, including trades, shops, guild halls, apartment buildings, garages, etc.. The Alternatives have a city called Eska. Their rivals the Sapiens have Nostalonia

How Do You Move Your Character In The World?

At the start of the game you'll find yourself running to the mere outskirts of town to take care of some low-life creeps. As you begin to advance you'll purchase train tickets in the lower station and be transported to your destination that way. Moving up further will grant you access to a higher level train, capable of further distances. Eventually you'll be able to own your own vehicle, including motorcycles, buggies, APCs, and even gunships.

Can I Make My Character Look Unique?

Yes, you can customize just about everything on your own character. From facial features to armor type and color.

Do I get Housing?

You have an apartment room. These rooms will be instanced places to store weapons, armor, items, etc..

How Do I Level Up?

As you fight enemies you will receive experience points. Experience points gain you levels, which in turn gains you new licenses. Every 10 levels you'll be able to choose a new license to specialize in, allowing you to drive or pilot a new vehicle, or to wield a new weapon.

Huxley Performance?

It's like Unreal Tournament meets Counter-Strike. While the speed of the game will be closer to Unreal Tournament, there's still a considerable amount of skill needed to perform well in Huxley. That said, you can expect to see much faster paced action then in other games, and weapons that go hand in hand with this style.

Is It More Like A Deathmatch?

No not at all. Although the gameplay is fast and frantic and there are a lot of powerful weapons it was also mentioned that tactics will play a just as important role.

How Do I track My Friends In Game?

While there has been no confirmation on this subject, it's pretty safe to assume there will be an in-game chat system. With this usually comes with a 'friends list' where usernames are added and players are tracked. In most MMOs, this list contains your friend's name and whether or not they're online. This may certainly be the case, however again, we lack sufficient information to back this up.

Will the PVP and PVM damage be area based (I.E. headshots are one hit kills) or will it be like traditional RPG's where each shot only does so much damage?

They are making Huxley a twitch game like unreal where area damage is of course very important. So the answer is most likely: Yes, Huxley will have hitzones.

Dual Core Or Not?

To play Huxley it is not rquired to have a duel core processor, however, to run on higher settings it is a good idea.

Will Vehicle Licenses cost money or experience points?

Most likely vehicle license are licenses that you gain trough experience points. Just like class licenses.

Will the people who play Huxley on the 360 be able to name their character, or will the character's name be the person's gamertag?

We are unsure of the details on this as of now, however we assume that Xbox360 gamers will be able to specify names for their characters other then their gamertag.

Huxley Monthly Fee?

Pricing on playing Huxley is yet to be confirmed, there is no information available at the present time

Will people be able to play Huxley on a wide assortment of different setups without sacrificing the graphical glory, i.e. Source, or will the game only look good on the latest systems?

The unreal engines are known for the fact that they can scale to support both low and high end systems. Seeing how Huxley is build on the next generation engine it's likely that you can play with a good frame rate on mid end systems as well.

What kind of things can you view in the HUD aside from your expected health, ammo, ect?

We are sorry but we can't answer this question yet, so far the only hud we have seen is from an early screenshot which shows the standard unreal hud.

Will battlefields have "120 men" being 60 vs 60, or 120 vs 120 meaning 120 of your own men (and women!)?

Instances that are "capped" at 120 players will be 120 people total. We're not aware of how limiting players will work at this time. Whether or not you'll be able to pull of a 119 vs 1 player scenario is yet to be seen. In reality there may be a system of limiting battles to 60 per side.

One thing that is on almost everyone's mind is this: Will the PC and Xbox 360 servers actually be linked?

Yes! Players of both platforms will be able to interact with eachother in the major cities, however, you are not able to PvP with players of the oppisite platform

When does Huxley Beta start?

Huxley beta testing started in June of 2007

Will clans be incorporated into the storyline?

This depends upon the interaction of GMs and the storyline. It's yet to be seen if more well-known clans will have their presence implemented into the storyline of Huxley.

Will levels in Huxley work similar to level in Halo 2? Will you decrease in level if you perform poorly on the battlefield?

Levels in Huxley will not work the same way they do in Halo 2. Instead of the ranking system that Halo 2 has, Huxley's character leveling system is similar to any MMORPG. Your level is increased by earning experience points, and you keep your level. Having a bad run on the battlefield will not adversely effect your level.

What kind of vehicles can we expect in Huxley? Are all vehicles usable that we have seen so far?

Although we have no final answer on the total amount of vehicles that will be in game some of the things we have already seen include: Dropships, Tanks (even though we only saw it equipped with a chaingun), a hoverbike, a bike/buggy hybrid vehicle, APC (Armored Personal Carriers)

Those are the only confirmed vehicles that we know off at this time. Specific details on weapons and how many people fit inside have not been given.

On xbox 360 we will have headset communicators. How will the communications work in huxley? Will we be able to select to clan speak only, or friends, or surrounding people only?

No information on voice communication has been made available at the moment. We will update this as we get more information.

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