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Huxley Interview With Producer Kijong Kang

Well, well, well. Finally, the time has come. We are at the cusp of the next-generation in video gaming and most experts agree the jump from current hardware to next will be astounding.

Were you upset when True Fantasy Live Online got canned? Are you still waiting for Star Wars Galaxies? You think Delta Force Black Hawk Down's 50 player battles look good? Wait until you play with your clan in 5,000 player battles... XNA and the next generation of Xbox Live will make it possible.

If the concept of a massive multiplayer online FPS sounds too good to be true…it isn’t. In 2006 it will all become a reality thanks to the folks at Webzen; the Korean development studio behind the Unreal Engine 3-powered gem entitled Huxley a game that will use the most advanced tools to create the ultimate Xbox Live experience.

In this exclusive interview with Producer, Kijong Kang, gives us the inside scoop on the beginnings of the game, Webzen's use of the UE3 and thoughts on other next-gen technologies, and what we can expect from Huxley on the next Xbox Live.

Kijong Kang

Huxley's Producer, Kijong Kang

Before discussing the game, could you please introduce us to the Huxley universe? Does the game take place in a fantasy universe or in a sci-fi, near future setting?

Kijong Kang: Hello. I am Kijong Kang, the producer of the upcoming MMO FPS title Huxley, I work at H-Studio, an internal development studio of Webzen, Inc. Before joining Webzen, I developed a PC FPS title called Nitro Family

Huxley, as its name suggests, is inspired by the novel Brave New World. I want to develop a game that delivers the excitement and freshness of a brave new world to gamers. Although it is a big challenge, I really look forward to sharing the exciting world of Huxley with the gamers out there.

The world of Huxley is not the same as ours. It is the world in our near future that both new and degenerate technologies exist together. Fossil energies are exhausted and everything is changed. People fight for new energy sources, and wars never end.

Will Huxley be an online persistent world? What are the most innovative features of the game?

Kijong Kang: Yes, it is based on a persistent world. We analyzed and customized the Unreal 3 Engine to make it suitable for a MMO and Persistent World (PW) game. Were going to get the best graphics using that engine and utilize the proven network technology of Webzen. Thousands of people will be able to enjoy large-scale, fast paced battles in rich graphics. The result will be a first true massively multiplayer FPS game.

That basically outlines our goal. Other than that, it's hard to speak about detailed game features at this time. This winter, players will be able to have the chance to see the game and tell us if the features are innovative and creative.

West meets East in Huxley's art design

West meets East in Huxley's art design.

Considering the fact that Huxley mixes two genres, FPS with MMO; what games have you drawn inspiration from?

Kijong Kang: It is hard to say that Huxley has been inspired from any specific game from either genre. After all, MMO FPS is not an established genre--no footsteps to follow in. We are trying to make a new type of FPS game. While we're mixing the two genres, we're not simply combining them. Instead, we're making a whole new style of gameplay and fun.

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Huxley Screenshot

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