Huxley Dystopia Game Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter MMOFPS

Huxley Xbox 360 Based Clan List

Huxley Clans - To submit your clan to this list all you have to do is PM gobbly2100 via the forum with your clan details including clan tag, name, URL and platform.

To be accepted for the clan list you need to have content related to Huxley on your site, a link back to our community and finally we are no longer accepting free hosted clan sites such as domains and such.

If you can be sure of all the above then you can submit your clan for approval.

Huxley Clans

Savag3 Knights

Dark Stealth

Dark Acid Brothers

The Mooks

Assassins Guild

Green Dragoon

Steel Wolves

End of Eternity

Huxley Clan Database

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Huxley Screenshot

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