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Default Re: Support Classes

Well it's obvious that when people heard of the game many of the heard that the game is leaned toward MMORPG with FPS style and when they found out it ws tyhe other way around they got disapointed as polish husaria. For me i did got disapointed but became even more glad when i found out that it will be lots FPS in it. So if you are hoping fro healers and such, forget it this is FPS.

Joker, you spoke of vehicle.. What are you talking about? I mean this is about supporters ( you got on it later when you started talking about totaly different thing).
Anyhow as goes for Joker,, one question... Ever played game like Amerca's Army or BattleField series? Being medic is only big advantage. You got hurt you heal yourself, specialy in BFs. I go around see some guys kill them all got badly injured heal myself, after see some teammate coming he runs gets killed and injures enemy i shoot them revive him and he goes as bait for me. Dunno medics have big roles in games like BFs and they get awesome points, for both killing and healing. In America's Army though healing wasnt been much but still it helped much your teammates, you had only 3 heals and i believe that you couldn't heal yourself but still you could help your teammates. Anyhow if there were medics i would be glad to be one, for my self at first and of caurse for my team.

Before the end same as the start, something that doesn't belong to supports, spawntime? Dude you sure you didn't just wake up? xD

Anyhow there will be buffs but not like buffers with spells. The only buffs you will be able to get is from squad and from your own skills that you putt into your armor, selfbuffs.
Provide solid evidence to convince me otherwise!
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Default Re: Support Classes

Hello again my dear russian

I my previous post here i wanted to share my point of view about this game or better say the only support classes in game will be those who will spare some of their licence points to learn drive, shoot from a vehicle turret (i see this as strong supports in a battle). I only made references to things that were already discussed in this thread and yes that includes even the spawn time :P and even if i did not, ill let you choose a pain punish for me ok?

About Battlefield and America's Army-i hate Battlefield from the first day i saw it, i admit havent tried too hard to reveal its magic, i think i gave up when i saw one of my m8s heading str8 to a broken tank, pumps out a repair key: click, click crack and here you go a brand new tank (havent seen the second game). Here are the games i like and played a lot: Counterstrike, Quake, UT in this games you wount find one single medic foot.

Buffers q was a rhetorical 1


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Default Re: Support Classes

From what I heard, or did I make that up in my head? This is to be an FPS/RPG? anything even PART RPG withouth support classes isn't even worth putting the "rpg" into it, because if there where no support classes there would be only one role to play... DPS. I'd LOVE to see an FPS with a good assortment of loadouts/classes/skills... the more complex, the more it intrigues me. If this is a straight up elaborate version of running around shooting people respawning and doing the same with no need for tactical classes than I have those games already. I have high hopes for the game as I have talked about how cool it would be to have an FPSMMORPG to play many a time in the past, however if there is no "role" to be played I'd rather not ^^. Which is why I would think they WOULD have support classes of some sort, and there has always been a "gank the healer" mentality on MMO's its nothing new, it would be HARDER to gank the healer in an FPS I would think... you don't just have to click on him and spam buttons but actually hit the guy, and whats more hit the guy enough to kill the guy... who can repair himself >.>... and probably has a bullet bouncing superfield around him... <.<... at least mine would lol, and while your busy tryin to "gankthere medic", the close combat specialists you've been ignoring are now in your face getting it aquainted with the ground now beneath it XD lol.
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